Things To Do and Gift on 18th Birthday Ideas

Turning 18 marks the official end of puberty. You are an adult now, you can make your own decisions, you can vote, you can drink the pub down! Common gifts like keys and tankards reflect this new stage of life.

In many cultures the journey to maturity is significant, though it is celebrated on various birthdays. Quinceanera signifies a girl’s coming of age on her 15th birthday in Latin America, and is usually celebrated with presents and a family gathering.

Your 18th birthday should be spent doing something that you were not legally allowed to do the day before. I made a list of 14 things to do on your 18th birthday.

Do “Adult Things”

Okay so let’s be real, there’s a lot of things you can’t do when you’re 17!

That’s a fun idea you might not have thought of. Now that you 18th can donate blood, get a tattoo, go to clubbing, buy lottery tickets, go to a strip club (just kidding), or change your name!

Birthday Party

Call me an old soul, but it’s a good way to celebrate your birthday! If you’re someone who always likes to be around the people you love this idea is always a great option. You can easily create a cheap party and a lot of your decoration of DIY.

Take Professional Photos

Sure, I’m OBSESSED with cute Instagram pictures as most of us are and it’s a nice idea to do professionally or even with some friends.

Take some beautiful photos with friends, and have fun doing so. Traveling to fun places, or even dressing up and using props.

You are going to do this easily with friends for cheap or perhaps take some professionally with a photography friend. It makes Insta worthy pics for great memories and cute ones!

Invest in stocks

Investing in the right stocks will help define the future! Do your research and get help from a professional.

Thank your parents

They kept you alive for long enough to get you into adulthood and that alone deserves a big thank you!

Open an IRA account

It’s time to save for retirement. Research for retirement accounts and speak to your bank about whether they are doing anything for retirement purposes.

Buy fireworks

Say goodbye to having to ask your folks to buy you fireworks, or bribe older children, because now you can do that yourself. Strut into the fireworks store with confidence, and buy all the pyrotechnics you want.

Buy cigarettes or tobacco

Although it used to be illegal for you to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products, now that you are 18, you have that option open. Just bear in mind that smoking them at any age is a danger to your safety.

Buy a car

You may already have a car, but now that you are 18, you may afford one that is totally yours.

Change your name

If you’ve grown up hating or being mocked about your name, this can change now that you’re 18. You should change your terrible name into something better.

Find your independence

Now that you are 18, you can also feel more confident, because you can now * finally * get your own place

Adopt a child

Feeling so guilty and grown up that you want another human being to take care of? You can do that now because you are authorized to adopt a child legally.

Get married

You should tie the knot now, because you have hit your legal age. That is, if you’ve already met the one you’re sure you would like to get married at 18.

Book a hotel

It goes without saying, with friends. For this, you might need a credit or debit card. Only try not to shred the place — they are charging extra for that.

18th Birthday gift

But if you’re going to give a present to someone who’ll be 18, this is the list that’ll help you:

  1. Cool Gift Coffee Mug Warmer

Turning eighteen means that your friends or family may go to college, which will surely mean that they will continue to drink more coffee. It is not fun to drink a cold cup of coffee, so making her this office and using coffee mug warmer from home is a great way to keep her drink warm even when she’s busy.

This coffee mug warmer’s portability makes it easy and handy to bring around everywhere. It can be easily reached and used, due to its long power cable.

  1. Airpods

If you are looking for a useful gift for the 18th birthday this is the one for you!

Air pods are so extremely USEFUL. This is a more expensive gift option but one would love something.

Fun Fact-Air pods were one of this year’s most sold technology items, if that doesn’t show you they’re so useful then I don’t know what’s going to happen.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot kit

It’s SO cool and efficient!

The echo dot not only answers questions but it can also shut off your lights

If you are laying in bed, you will simply say, “Alexa, switch off my lights,” and all the lights will go out with this device.

This is a perfect gift idea for a technology fan, or just forgetting their lights While you are out, you can easily turn off the lights from your phone, or simply ask Alexa to turn them off.

  1. Tattoo

All right, so you can get a tattoo now that you’re 18!

The perfect gift suggestion for 18th birthday is getting a tattoo. Maybe give money or a gift card to the birthday girl so they can go get a tattoo.

One of the most successful things on an 18th birthday will be Getting a tattoo. Actually most friends of mine did this when they turned 18!

  1. Give Them Experiences

What is a gift from experience? It is not something, it is an experience: a trip, a tour, a visit. Friends are enormously important at this age; your teen will enjoy an experience he or she can share with friends.

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