Best Supplement for Weight Gainer

You’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately, but you don’t see the changes you’d hoped for quite yet. Honestly, compared to the other guys in there pumping iron, you feel a little skinny and weak.

You’d love to gain some weight in a healthy way, and perhaps put on some pounds of muscle. That way, at least you’ll LOOK like you worked out, right?

Healthily gaining weight isn’t just about eating a lot of extra calories a day (although that helps somewhat), you might also want to add a few supplements into the mix to support your efforts.

Some supplements work in different ways, with some helping to add additional calories, while others helping to boost performance so you can work out harder.

Pure Creatine MonohydrateNaked Creatine

No wonder, for several reasons apart from gaining a few pounds of weight itself, creatine had to be on this list of best nutrient for weight gain. For all those who don’t know what creatine is, here’s an overview-Creatine provides your body with energy, especially to your hard-earned muscles. It helps to increase ATP synthesis and thus also to increase the energy in the cells. Creatine helps people gain muscle mass without contributing any fat mass to their body.

So, how exactly does creatine help with weight gain? Here’s your response–As I described above, creatine’s primary aim is to supply your muscles with energy. Through intensive training, creatine accelerates the development of ATP, which increases the energy supply to the muscles. It goes without saying that when you train hard in the gym the body will use all your efforts to shed fat and build muscle mass. All creatine does is induce water retention in the muscle cells, and since water has its own weight, most people gain about 1-5 pounds of weight in addition to creatine.

In fact, you may gain as much as 8-10 pounds of weight when you saturate your creatine muscle stores once and for all.

Total creatine saturation can be reached by taking 3-5 grams of creatine for 3 weeks. Instead, you can follow a loading process, which will allow you to consume 15-20 grams of creatine for 4-5 days each day. Finally, one thing you should always bear in mind is that creatine does not induce any kind of fat gain, but rather it helps you gain the exact type of weight you want to gain: lean muscle mass.

Universal real gains weight gainer

For years Universal Nutrition has developed supplements to muscle gain.

Their weight gainer supplement delivers more than 50 grams per serving of high-quality protein but is lower in calories than many products— with only 600 calories per serving.

This product is lower in carbs than most products, along with the relatively low calorie content— with fewer than 100 grams of carbs per serving.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Weight gainers are supplements that contain immense amounts of protein and calories to help you gain weight. It can be really hard to eat more calories, especially from protein because protein is so filling. These kinds of supplements have been designed to help you out.

Many of those supplements have more than 1,000 calories per serving. It would be really hard to make a 1,000-calorie protein supplement alone, so many of these also include a mega-doseof carbs.

For most of these products the macronutrient breakdown is from 75-300 grams of carbs and 20-60 grams of protein anywhere.

Specifically, there is not a huge amount of research on these products, though not all people react equally to such a huge boost in calories and protein. In other words, you may not see the enormous mass gains that you expect from using those supplements.

Green world protein powder

The protein powder is one of the best weight gain pills for bodybuilders. Protein powders are rich in protein and low in calories to help build bigger muscles in the body. Most bodybuilders use this weight gain supplement to boost their muscle mass. The fact about protein powder is that it contains all the amino acids the human body needs, 22 of which 9 are essential amino acids.

The protein powder is also free of cholesterol, hormones, and antibodies. It promotes muscle growth and body development. Protein powder also assists in tissue and muscle repair. If you want to gain weight quicker then try using the Green world protein powder. It is also recommended for those who need sufficient protein intake, such as kids, adolescents, pregnant women, and elderly people.

Muscelpharm combat XL

While MusclePharm Combat XL has a similar formulation to other mass gainers, it has the advantage of being tested for banned ingredients independently.

This product has the approval seal of Informed-Choice which means that both the supplement manufacturing process and its actual content have been tested.

Most companies choose not to undergo this assessment because of the time and expenses involved.

Testing for banned substances, however, can help to ensure a safe supplement, and can be particularly important if you are a competitive athlete who might be subject to drug testing.


After a workout, beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) can help to reduce muscle breakdown and is one of those supplements that improve the recovery. HMB is a molecule formed during the branch-chain processing of amino acid leucine. It is one reason that leucine is always recommended for building muscles.  Though the body naturally produces HMB, it has been shown to be used as a supplement to promote muscle growth and reduce muscle breakdown. Ideally HMB should be taken for the most benefit right after a workout.

Super Apeti Plus safe weight Gain Pills

Shalina super apeti plus pills for weight gain contain natural ingredients for the best massive weight gain. It is one of the best weight gain options for people who are underweight. Using this weight gain pills will help you to quicker build leaner muscles. For effective weight gain, take 2 pills before breakfast, and 2 before dinner. By taking 2 pills daily before breakfast, you gain 2-3kgs in a month.

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