Gift Ideas For Kids

Most children are likely to have a wish list prepared before any big gift event, but sometimes you want to shop off-list. Sometimes you want to give a sweet, imaginative, unique gift to the little one in your life-your child, a niece or nephew, the child of a relative, whoever. Like presents for teenagers or tweens, it can be tricky to find unique, good gifts for children but there is a lot out there and you can rest assured that your stand-out present will have a special place in the recipient’s mind for years to come.

Such interesting presents for children include fun mind-benders, imaginative materials for art, engaging books, and more. If the kid is too young to really fully appreciate them, the parents will love it— and some of these presents have considerable staying power, so that one day the kid will grow up and appreciate it.

Such gifts span all ages, from babies to toddlers to children of school age. These are perfect for boys and girls alike, so kids of any gender will enjoy whatever kind of toy that they now want. Whatever the children’s preferences, there is something here to cater to them and prices include gifts under $20 and gifts over $100, so you can be sure to find something in your price range. Once you’re done shopping and wrapping up, you’ll know you’ve provided something unforgettable. Look at this list of great, fun children’s presents and save yourself a ride to the toy store— you will later thank yourself (and us) for that.


Simply push, pull, twirl, and hold your hands to learn up to 30 moves and nine tricks that can handle this gravity-defying orb.

Periodic Table Building

Get a head start on periodic table science! This package of 20 blocks contains all of the elements. Experts in child development also suggest these gifts for 1-year-olds.

Alphabet Robots

It can be fun to learn to read and spell — particularly if your child has a set of Alpha-Bots. The large plastic upper-case letters transform seamlessly into action-figure robots with just a few twists and turns on. Ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 5, the Alpha-Bots are an excellent way for children to learn while playing.

Keyboard Play Mat

With this fun play mat, let your kids experience the sounds of eight instruments — guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin, banjo, and xylophone.

Vtech Drill & Learn Toolbox

Let the little ones get in on the fun of home maintenance— or let them imitate the handiness of their parents— with this handy toolbox that includes a working robot drill, a hammer, nails and screws, and more. The package itself has buttons that they can push to learn about the devices they are using (plus fun songs); pair hours of smart fun with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries— the #1 longest-lasting AA battery.

Lego Star Wars Resistance A Wing Starfighter

Star Wars Stage Space Battles: The Rise of Skywalker after this 270-piece set has been built. Once it’s packed, it has two firing missiles and retractable landing gear, with minifigs from Snap Wexley and Lieutenant Connix coming along.

Little Patient Doll

This toy can remind you of the game you played as a kid in Operation. Unzip your cute character and find all kinds of organs. The guide included helps the children learn how to identify each one. In fact, UncommonGoods sells a boy version of the doll.

An Ice Cream Play Set

Bring the Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter to a delicious new level of their imaginative play. The self-contained package has all your kids need to run their own scoop shop, including eight different ice cream flavors, six toppings, two cones, a cup, ice cream scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, and even six pretend to be $1 bills. We have had this package for years and it still employs my 7-year-old for long playing times.

Hey Clay Aliens

This clay collection contains 18 non-toxic and stain-free clay cans (yay!). In your clay creations, let your imagination run wild or download the free app to practice useful clay techniques and get instructions for making some fun clay ties.

Nike Adventure Club

This children’s subscription box delivers to their door a new pair of Nike or Converse shoes, complete with a collection of activities to inspire them to go out and play in their new boots. Delivery options can be as regular as every month or as common as four times a year, so it is really the gift for children that continues to give.

Quick Connect Bikes

These bikes not only provide children with a smooth ride, but they are also quick and easy to install, making them a gift for parents too. They come in various sizes and have unique features to suit the age and stage of children, including a hand slot for parents to direct children ages 3 to 5.

An Old School Instant Camera

If your child is rocking the VSCO girl fashion outfit of the’ 90s, complete their look with the OG iPhone camera, a Fujifilm Instax. This kit comes with everything your budding photog requires to create instant images from old school, including video, a special selfie filter and adorable sticker boundaries. Tweens and teens would love to lay on the jelly bracelets, put scrunchies in their hair, and capture all their shenanigans on their new instant-camera in old-school.

Games Galore Personalized Picnic Blanket

Bring the fun out with this picnic blanket, packed with game. It includes tic-tac-toe, checkers, and more, leading to hours of fun whether you’re in the park, on the beach, or just in the backyard.

Slumberkins Snuggler Bundles

Promoting emotional learning by pairing snuggly toys with a book on a big subject, such as authenticity or self-esteem.

Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum

It doesn’t seem likely but this is Dr. Seuss’s new book, only published in 2019. It is based on an unrhymed manuscript and sketches found by illustrator Andrew Joyner in 2013, and completed. The book gives a look at how horses were used by artists like Picasso, Rosa Bonheur, Alexander Calder, Deborah Butterfield, and Jackson Pollock.

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