Unique Gift Ideas

We all had that one person on our list — the one that’s hard to shop for, in a word. They always have the latest and greatest of all, making buying them something a daunting task — especially if you are worried you can not measure up to what they already possess. But even a person who is first to all the new trends in skin care or the latest high-tech hot hair devices needs to be spoiled every now and then. That’s why Allure’s super-specific exclusive gift list for the hard-to-please perfectionist focuses on the most soothing, comfortable and cozy.

Here is a list of unique gift ideas to get them impressed.

Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees Honey Sampler Gift Set

If they can not bear the thought of a food without something sweet, upgrade their condiments with this Bushwick Kitchen set of funky flavored honey.

USA National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Provide them with inspiration for the year ahead (okay, decade) with this scratch-off map highlighting all 61 U.S. National Parks. Find that their bucket list worthy of a wall.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Check out these insane new glasses: they are made out of real crystal to allow you to witness amazing effects of rainbow light right in front of your eyes. Good for beach, festivals, or simply seeing the world in different colours!

A New York Times Special Day Book

Pick a day, any day, and this stunning coffee table book will show you the front pages of every New York Times edition released on that date each year from the year you choose until now, along with a few unforgettable front pages from historical events. Paging through the book provides the recipient with a perfect snapshot of what the world was like on their 14th birthday, or 3rd wedding anniversary, or another unforgettable day. It’s an excellent and special way to honor the person you love in life.

ReDown Sleeping Bag Puffer Coat

Your outdoor friend looking for the perfect winter coat is about to catch up with their match. The new trend from Everlane provides warmth without bulk, cocooning the body in a layer of down re purposed from recycled pillows and comforters, for outerwear that is as comfortable as it is aware.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Many of our pictures nowadays live on our smartphones and social media applications, but many of us still love to see through or hang up printed photographs. This portable printer helps them to do so quite quickly and without wires, so that they can print images in a snap.

Bluetooth Knit Beanie

This bluetooth-enabled knit cap, even on the coldest winter days, makes sure they’re comfortable while listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on their commute. Since it connects to their device, they can also respond to phone calls while remaining completely hands-free.

Handmade Planet Necklace

This special, hand-made necklace depicts seven richly illustrated planets in our solar system. It’s double-sided, available in two metal colours, so you can still show off the beauty of space. A perfect gift on astronomy!

A Foot Warmer

There is something particularly torturous about getting cold feet (not the kind of nervous jitters). If your gift recipient still worries of cold or achey feet, skip the Fuzzy Socks and go to Amazon for this electric foot warmer. This quick-heating, fluffy wrap is great for tucking under the covers for extra heat boost or toasty warm stuff while lounging on the couch.

Herbivore Self Love Body Ritual Kit

Find the hardest-working person on your list and send them this Herbivore Cosmetics set, the one with the longest hours and the craziest weeks of work. The two body polishes and the body oil are formulated at the end of a busy day to slough away stress — along with stressed skin — with soothing scents that turn every shower into an oasis of relaxing energy.

Speks Magnetic Toy

The fidget spinner had its moment and it’s now turning to Speks. This collection of more than 500 magnets can be mashed, rolled, and formed into different shapes. It’s a tool on productivity with which only adults love to play.

Dunkin’ Old Fashioned Candle

Since they’re running on Dunkin ‘already, it’s only fitting that they fill their house with the sugary-sweet fragrance that is renowned for the popular coffee chain. The mixture of cinnamon sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg smells like an old-fashioned donut a.k.a. heaven.

Hot Chocolate On A Spoon

Get your own premium Belgian hot chocolate ready right at home! Only place these spoons and mix in hot milk, water, or coffee. Delicate! Drink, and have pleasure!

Ultimate Survival Technologies & Anthropologie Cultery Set

The unique gift is often less about what the product can do, and more about what the product will encourage you to do. Let this pair of portable cutlery set and outdoor survival kit make your loved one roam freely. The outdoor survival kit includes signalling devices, fire-starting materials, and an emergency blanket, and the packable cutlery means your loved one can eat in a pleasant way even if they’re far from any city. They are both conveniently packable, robust, and useful resources for land life.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

We are well aware that the price tag is high, but the holidays are the time for splurges and you get what you’re paying for when it comes to this Dyson hairdryer. The multitasking tool easily dries hair lightning, while still protecting it from excessive heat and flyaway smoothing. Anyhow better? The surface of cobalt and 23.75-karat gold is so beautiful that in your vanity you will never want to hide it.

Tabasco Hot Sauce Keychain

They will never again have to suffer a savorless meal. This mini bottle of Tabasco sauce comes with a spice keychain that goes everywhere they do.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

They can take the zen vibe they feels at home anywhere, with this cover bracelet. They may add five drops of her favorite essential oil — especially lavender or jasmine — to the circle pad for instant relief before they heads out the door.

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